Friday, November 11, 2011

Cannot mount an Exchange 2010 database after a dirty shutdown

After a power outage, our Exchange 2010 server could not mount the mailbox database with an error about corrupt or missing log files.

I found the solution on the excellent blog of Mike Pfeiffer.

Here is the link:

In short I used "eseutil /r /l /d /a" to replay the logs into the database and "eseutil /mh" to make sure that it was in a "Clean Shutdown" state. After that I was able to mount the database again from the EMC.

After the repair, my backup software, ArcServe v.15 could not backup the Exchange mailbox database. It failed with the "AE9708 Check integrity failed. Check the Exchange server status." error message.

However, the "new-MailboxRepairRequest" PowerShell cmdlet did not detect any corruption on the database.


Disable integrity check !


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